The ph@tt gut health program will heal you from the inside,

the weight loss is a side effect of having a healthy gut.

Two years ago I was in pain

My ankles hurt, I had constant headaches.

I was so tired, getting off the couch took more energy than I could muster.

I had taken steroids and anti histamine treatments for months but my body was covered in a rash and I could not stop scratching.

My body was inflamed and I weighed 104 Kg.

I didn’t know about the importance of gut health. I knew I was suffering but I didn’t know that everything that I was suffering from was actually caused by the state of my gut.

I thought I was just fat.

I thought I was unhappy and lazy

Then I discovered Putting Health @ The Top affectionately known as ph@tt

I joined the Facebook group and silently watched the amazing transformation as members healed their gut.

I was very skeptical

So skeptical that I sat on the fence for two years.

I watched the Facebook group grow from 11000 members  to 130000 members.

The founders of ph@tt are great believers in not just the healing of the body and gut, they also want to educate everyone on how the body works.

So as I watched everyone else lose weight and get their lives back on the Facebook page, I also watched many educational and inspirational videos and I begun to learn about the gut. Some of what I learned can be found here Begins in your Gut

The ph@tt program started to make sense and I realised that if I gave it a go and just committed to one month I would actually lose 10-15% of my body weight.


I am no longer suffering and I am now 84 Kg.

I lost 15 kg in one month and another 5 kg on maintenance.

I lost an amazing 30 cm around my belly. I no longer look pregnant.

Let me add you to our Facebook group so that you can learn more.


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